Beware of Unscruplous Waste Collectors!

Fly Tipping in Bristol

Fly tipper jailed for mountain of rubbish in Bristol

Although it may look like a council tipping site, this eyesore and health hazard is, in fact, the mountain of waste dumped illegally by just one man.

A wreckless fly-tipper created the mess by dropping off more than 28 tipper trucks full of junk in Hallen and Avonmouth.

The “unscrupulous” waste collector was paid £165 per load to deposit domestic refuse safely at licensed sites, but to maximise his profits he simply dumped it by the tonne. The man was jailed for 15 months at Bristol Crown Court.

Prosecuters on behalf of the Environment Agency (EA), told how the man, was operating under a company name – and even had a permit to do so – when the offences took place.

A spokeswoman from the Environment Agency, said: “Fly-tipping offences such as this case are common in the Bristol area and leave local taxpayers with substantial clean-up costs.

“Invariably offenders are motivated by financial gain and have little regard for the environment. Where we have the evidence we won’t hesitate to prosecute.”

So beware of rogue waste collectors who claim to be licensed! Fly tipping is not only unsocial and environmentally hazardous – but it can also lead to harsh penalties.

Only use licensed BICS certified (British Institute of Cleaning Science) contractors such as Clean ‘N’ Clear