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Office cleaning in Bristol available at affordable prices 

Eco friendly products are now becoming the most popular choice for office cleaning in Bristol.

 Commercial cleaning in Bristol usually requires tough industrial strength chemicals, however at Clean & Clear SW we only use eco friendly products which are as good as or even better than traditional high acidic chemical based products.

Most of our products use high concentrates of high acidic fruits such as lemons and oranges, Leaving a pleasant and fresh aroma to greet you on arrival. 



 Office cleaning in Bristol offered by Clean & Clear SW 

When to start considering the need for a cleaner for office cleaning

  • Look in your microwave

Does it show signs of food explosions stuck to the inside casing?

 -Unwashed dishes

Do you find every morning you come to a sink which is filled with unwashed dishes 


Does your office suffer from overflowing paper bins, or even your kitchen bin, when was it the last time you cleaned the invisible bacteria from the lids? 

 -Office desks

Have a look at your desk behind your monitor, when was it the last time you gave the desk a good polish.

Even from personal experience of office cleaning in Bristol  can disrupt your daily routine and cost you £££

 My cleaning experience

Every morning I would get into my office for 7:30am, my first task before opening the shutters would be 

-Wash, Dry and shelve away yesterdays dishes

-Clean down sink and kitchen worktop surface

-Empty office bins and take out for collection 

-Alternate days – Mop and dry flooring and polish desks

 It wasn’t until one day I worked out, at least 30-45mins a day is being spent on cleaning, Between 2-3hrs per week, once you know what your billing time is you can soon do the maths.

How much wasted time can this be over a month or a year?

 We at Clean & Clear SW are here to help you with your office cleaning in Bristol,

All staff at Clean and Clear are fully insured and trained to BICS (British institute of cleaning science) standards. We have professional cleaners in Bristol so that we can attend to your needs promptly.  Our staff will present themselves smartly dressed with our branded uniform.  They will present themselves and confirm their identity and introduce them selfs.  

 We offer Commercial Cleaning in Bristol and all BS area codes

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