WFT are we playing at???

Okay, how many of you are environmentally conscious?

It’s very surprising how many people will stand up and call for change in how corporations gamble with the future of our planet when they manufacture goods that leads to the contamination of our air, water and soils but in the same instance, will wind down their car window and drop their consumed Starbucks cup made of non-biodegradable polystyrene, mars bar wrapper and cigarette butts.

Ask a member of the public why they felt it was ok to litter and they respond along the lines of


%=’? Off and mind your own business

I pay my taxes so the bin man get paid to pick it up

I don’t want to get my car dirty

And even “everyone else does it!”

The statistics are embarrassing and stem from poor social standards.


Some guys wear cargo pants with more pockets than the tools on a Swiss army knife. Yet they do not consider holding on to their trash until they find a recycle point / dust bin.

Did you know, the government spends almost £1 billion yes, $1,000,000,000 just on cleaning the streets across the UK.

Now, how many of you feel the government isn’t doing enough to fund youth projects, improve hospitals or adopt green energy alternatives? Hmm, yes… shame on every one of us who has ever chosen to drop our litter or let a friend or relative get away with it… continually allowing for this money to be misdirected. just imagine what this could do year on year.

Take a look at this video of a new option for the roadways across the world. A project among many that could do with government funding of which even 1% of the clean-up costs would be enough to make big advances in the technologies that will help us clean up our planet.

Listen, do us all a favour, keep it in your pocket and get on board in making the needed changes in our communities.

Man up and act responsibly.